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Canadian Youth Chess Championship Registration

$ 200.00

Registration and payment for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship.

Registration fee is $150.00CAD until June 29, 2007. After this date a late fee of $50.00CAD will apply. The Registration fee now includes this late fee and is $200.00 as of June 30, 2007

Currently, we are using myshopify to process payments and we are assuming the person paying is the same person who is registering for the event. However, we’ve learned that this is often not the case, especially for parents registering their kids in the CYCC.

If you’ve paid but wish to submit a different name for the registrant, please send us a quick e-mail to (for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship). Our Event Registrar will update our official registration pages, which can be found at:

Canadian Youth Registered Players

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The Canadian Youth Chess Championship is the premier chess tournament for Canadian boys and girls from the age groups of 8 to 18.

The Championship is organized by volunteers to promote and encourage the knowledge, study and play of the game of chess. Subject to Chess Federation of Canada approval, the winners of the Canadian championship categories will form the Canadian Youth Team that will represent Canada at the 2007 World Youth Championship to be held in Antalya, Turkey, November 17-29, 2007.

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